Four Essential Components and Four Conditions for Successful Book Publishing


1. Universal form (book formats)

The paperback publishing monopoly has ceased to exist. Book content today is form free and and should be published in any format required or demanded by a potential reader. These include paperback, eBook, audiobook, app, online reading, presentation, comics, video, and any other future form which could appear.

2. Universal reach (book accessibility)

Any potential reader around the world should have access to your book in whatever form that’s convenient for them in just one simple click.

3. Universal and unique design (book’s ability to catch the eye)

You remember the proverb that tells us never to judge a book by its cover, right? Well, in the book industry that is exactly what is happening. A recent statistic has observed that book covers displayed with other titles on a bookstore page has only five seconds to grab reader’s attention. If the potential reader considers your book cover dull or amateurish, you’ve just lost a sale. It doesn’t matter how good the content is because they’ve already moved on to something else; something that actually attracted their attention.

4. Universal media presence (book’s discoverability)

You and your book should be where the readers are: Blogs, portals, magazines, reader’s forums, social networks, book clubs, etc. Everywhere a potential reader might be, your book’s presence should be there as well. You need to know who your readers are and what they value. You also need to know when, where and how to talk to them in order to be heard. To do that, you have to learn everything you can about your audience on a constant basis, especially since technology and media are perpetually changing and evolving.
These actions are easier said than done. That is why we offer our authors professional services and expertise in the following four areas:

A. Publishing

This includes layout, design, conversion to e-book formats, print-on-demand, ISBN assignment, editing

B. Distribution

    book sites
    book stores
    online subscription reading

C. Design

Cover Design Gallery

D. Promotion

    Personal site, social media pages
    Personal mini book shop
    Reviewing and commenting
    Organising discussions, contests and giveaways on a readers forums
    Promotion and advertising in Facebook
    Promotion and advertising in Google+ Google search and AdWords
    Promotion and advertising in iTunes
    PR materials
    Audio and video book trailers
    Ads and banners
    Annotations, synopsis’s and press realizes
    Special events

Please feel free to contact us any time for details.