Accent Graphics Communications and Publishing

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A writer is not the one who is writing the books; a writer is the one whose books are read.
B. Strougatzky

Accent Graphics Communications & Publishing is a Canadian publishing company founded in 1995. We started as a graphic design and print production studio. With the development of the Internet we acquired an expertise in web and interactive design and web marketing. With the arrival of smartphones, tablets and e-readers, we decided to focus completely on digital publishing. Due to our strong background in traditional print design, production, and digital publishing since inception, we can offer our authors a unique range of services and expertise. We call it the “4U Publishing” approach:

1. Universal form (Right set of electronic and paper book formats)
2. Universal reach (Book distribution and accessibility)
3. Unique design (Book’s ability to stand out in the crowd) 
4. Universal media presence (Book’s discoverability)

We believe that an author willing to fight for their book deserves a fighting chance. Our role is to provide it.
We supply authors affordable access to the same superior quality technical know-how, creative expertise, and industry leading services that the most prominent publishing houses provides to theirs authors.